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Elizabeth May is a welcome respite in a sea of musical conformity as evidenced in today's radio music. Her songs are aimed at the emotions behind the human stories of belief, questioning and resolve. Elizabeth's lyrics take you to a place of understanding that reveals the motivations behind peoples' expressions. Her voice guides you down a road of melodic and harmonic content that expresses her true talent.

Sample her music below and take a journey in self-discovery. Witness both the joys and challenges life has to offer.


Posted by WEBMASTER on11.18.12

Elizabeth May Sutor

At an early age Elizabeth May developed a talent for making music. "My mother says I was singing before I could actually talk”, she recalls. Her sister Norma sang in the school choir and took piano lessons, her brother Richard also studied piano and played organ for the same high school choir. Her brother Roger sang in the school choir as well, and played drums. On Saturday nights, neighbors frequently dropped by the house with musical instruments in hand for impromptu jam sessions, and rehearsals with the band Richard and Roger had formed. Elizabeth's childhood was surrounded with music. So it was no surprise that she, too, took to the piano. In her teens she also taught herself guitar by listening to the popular folk artists of the day.

Being a singer as well as a guitarist and pianist, she performed in several musical groups during her high school days. These included groups within the school system and groups made up of her friends for weekend performing at local coffeehouses and in “open mic” venues. In her 20's she moved to Philadelphia and became a session musician/background vocalist and demo singer at Veritable Records (VRC Studios) in Pennsylvania. She also performed in Philadelphia at university and college coffee houses and in local clubs. In 1980, she moved to Los Angeles, performing with local bands and engaging in session work. After about 10 years in California, Elizabeth returned to Delaware.

“I had stopped pursuing my dream and was caught up in pursuing other peoples’ dreams. It felt wrong, to do that, but because I lost my sense of self for so long, I also lost my self-confidence. I talked myself into giving up music and into pursuing a more “normal” existence, one based not on what I really wanted or was interested in, but on money and security”, she says.” The ironic part is that there never was any security in any of those situations because I would always end up leaving. I felt completely out of place, and was terribly unhappy.”

And that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it was that dissatisfaction with the status quo that led Elizabeth back into the recording studio after a 15 year hiatus from music and performing. “Live It On The Outside” is her first CD, and she is now working on a second collection of “New Thought” music, which she performs as a music ministry in the quad-state area of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The new CD was released on February 28, 2010.

If you have known Elizabeth or are meeting her for the first time through this biography, and would like to contact her, please send her an e-mail.


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Following is a quote from Elizabeth about her new direction in composing songs.

Elizabeth May on New Thought music...

"I chose this new direction in music to satisfy my need to share my awareness and understanding about the spiritual side of life. Having been involved in the New Thought movement for many years I have heard about and witnessed many things that may validate other peoples' feelings and thoughts, and show them that their unique experiences are, at the same time, universal."

- Elizabeth May

Song Samples

Heading For A Fall

Fade To Black

Back To Somewhere

The Ocean Of Love And Mercy


Elizabeth May

Photo by Lori White


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Following are several voiceover samples from Elizabeth's voiceover career:


Voiceover Samples

Hey Guys, Wanna Flirt?

Marry Me

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Omaha Steaks

Meditation Sample

Red 101 Music


Young Turks


Elizabeth May

Photo by Dean A. Banks



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